About the infohub plastic

Our curated information hub provides well-researched publications, websites, and media on various aspects of the plastic crisis. In this ongoing project, we collect data and facts for political activists, campaigners & educators, initiatives & organisations, as well as networks & individuals who are engaged in the fight against the global plastic flood. ▶ For instance, delve deeply into the impact of plastic on the climate, explore how microplastic is polluting the oceans or find out how the plastic industry can be stopped. 

Environmental Impact of Plastic

Plastic produces greenhouse gas emissions and releases toxic substances during its entire lifecycle: From the extraction of oil and gas, the production of plastic products and their use, to its disintegration and incineration. Plastic pollutes our air, soil, and water, it damages our ecosystems, harms living beings and its production and consumption accelerates the climate crisis.

Addressing the Root Cause: The Plastic Industry

In order to tackle the plastic crisis, we need to point out the actual source of the problem: The plastics sector is an immense driver of the increase in global oil and gas demand. Despite the climate emergency, the plastics industry plans to double its production over the next 20 years. So while we have to fight plastic and its harmful impacts everywhere along its lifecycle, we urgently need to turn off the tap at the source!

Our Commitment and Action

This Plastic information hub was created by the International Environmental Policy Division of the Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung. We have worked on plastic since 2017. We are a member of the global #BreakFreeFromPlastic movement and the German alliance Exit Plastik.